Free Proverbs Study Guide

free proverbs study guideThis free Proverbs Study Guide can be used as a personal study, a family bible study, a group study, or even a home-school course.

It is designed to go through Proverbs chapter by chapter in the New King James version of the Bible. Read the chapter of Proverbs, and then answer the corresponding questions for that chapter.

You will be amazed at how well you are able to retain the information when answering the questions.

In my family, we use this Proverbs Study Guide as a family devotion time. There’s probably nothing I want more for my children than for them to appreciate and obtain wisdom.

We make this a special time where everybody curls up with blankets and we open the treasure chest of Proverbs. We keep it simple and fun. The Word of God is always life giving.

This study guide is a great conversation starter to discuss many of the issues that our children will face in life.

The Value of the Book of Proverbs

I have worked with a lot of young people. I’ve been a foster parent. I’ve had my own children. I’ve led groups of young people. The one thing I see that all young people are desperate for is WISDOM.

There is a generation today being raised without the teachings of wisdom, and they are starving for it.

The majority of role models today are not modeling wisdom or teaching it. It is vital that we learn wisdom for our own lives, and then pass it down to the next generation.

Proverbs is like a never-ending well of wisdom and understanding. You can never exhaust the wisdom found in Proverbs.  The benefits of Wisdom are endless- including safety, honor, long life, good relationships, wealth and peace to name a few.

The more you read Proverbs, the more you will know the ways of God. Jesus is our wisdom. He is Proverbs personified. The more you hear Proverbs read, the more your ear will be tuned to discern the voice of Wisdom and the voice of folly.

Before you begin, ask the Lord for a Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, that your eyes may be open to see the wisdom found in the book of Proverbs. The principles will change your life forever!

Download the Free Proverbs Study Guide in a Printable Format.

You can order a physical copies of the Proverbs Study Guide on Amazon.

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