Free Ephesians Study Guide

free ephesians study guideThis free Ephesians Study Guide can be used as a personal study, a family bible devotion, a small group Bible study, or even a home-school course. The book of Ephesians is life-changing. The more we read, study, and meditate on the book of Ephesians, the more it will transform us.

This study guide is designed to go through the book of Ephesians chapter by chapter in the New King James version of the Bible.

How to Use the Ephesians Study Guide

To use this Ephesians study guide, read the corresponding chapter of Ephesians in your Bible, and then answer the questions for that chapter.

You will be surprised at how well you are able to learn the book of Ephesians when answering the questions. If something stands out to you, allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you.

The Word of God is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). Because this Ephesians study guide only uses the Bible as its source, it is extremely powerful. Take your time and meditate on each question and verse. 

Who Wrote the Book of Ephesians?

The Apostle Paul is the writer of the book of Ephesians. Paul first preached at Ephesus on his second missionary journey. He later returned to Ephesus on his third missionary journey.

Paul spent more time at Ephesus than with any other congregation, a total of at least three years (Acts 20:31).

A very successful church was established at Ephesus, of which Timothy was ordained the first bishop. This church became a dominant force in the Christian world at that time. 

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians was more than likely a letter that was meant to be circulated to all the churches in this Roman province.

Where was Ephesus?

Ephesus was the chief city of the Roman province of Asia, in what is modern day Turkey. Through this strategic city, Paul was able to spread the Gospel to almost all of Asia.

Ephesus was the main commercial center of Asia Minor. The Romans made it the capital of proconsular Asia. It was located at the mouth of the Cayster, about thirty-five miles southeast of Smyrna.

Ephesus had a major harbor on the Aegean Sea. Many famous orators and philosophers lived there, rivaling the city of Athens. 

In A.D. 263, Ephesus was destroyed by the Goths, and it never regained its former glory. The ruins of this once bustling city lie near the modern-day Turkish city of Seljuk.


Download the free Ephesians Study Guide in a printable format.

free ephesians study guide

If you do not want to download the free Ephesians Study Guide, here is a sampling of the questions:

Ephesians Chapter 1

Who wrote the book of Ephesians? vs. 1

Who is Ephesians written to? vs. 1

What has God blessed us with? vs. 3

When did God choose us? vs. 4

What do we look like before Him? vs. 4

What did God predestine us to be? vs. 5

What did God use to make us accepted in the Beloved? vs. 6

What do we have through His blood? vs. 7

What has been made to abound toward us? vs. 7

What has God made known to us? vs. 9

What have we obtained in Christ? vs. 11

What do we hear that causes us to trust in Him? vs. 13

What happens when you believe the gospel of your salvation? vs. 13

Who is the guarantee of our inheritance? vs. 14

What spirit did Paul pray for God to give us? vs. 17

What happens when the eyes of your understanding are enlightened? vs. 18-19

Where did God seat Christ when He raised Him from the dead? vs. 20

What is Christ seated far above? vs. 21

What is under Christ’s feet? vs. 22

What is the church? vs. 23

Ephesians Chapter 2

What does a person walk according to when they are still dead in trespasses and sins? vs. 2

What spirit works in the sons of disobedience? vs. 2

How does a person conduct themselves before being made alive? vs. 3

Why did God make us alive together with Christ when we were dead in trespasses? vs.4

Where are those in Christ now sitting? vs. 6

What is God going to show in the ages to come? vs. 7

How is a person saved? vs. 8

What did God prepare before you were created? vs. 10

What is it like to be without Christ? vs. 12

What brings a person near to God? vs. 13

What did Jesus abolish in His flesh? vs. 13

Who do we have access to through Jesus? vs. 18

What household are you a member of? vs. 19

Who are you fellow citizens with? vs. 19

Who is the chief cornerstone? vs. 20

Ephesians Chapter 3

How was the mystery made known to Paul? vs. 3

Who reveals the mystery to us in this age? vs. 5

What was Paul trying to make everyone see? vs. 9

What was created through Jesus Christ? vs. 9

What was accomplished in Christ Jesus? vs. 11

How did we have boldness and access God with confidence? vs. 12

Where are we strengthened with might through His Spirit? vs. 16

How does Christ dwell in your heart? vs. 17

How are you filled with all the fullness of God? vs. 19

Who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think? vs. 20

What does God use to do the exceedingly, abundantly? vs. 20

Ephesians Chapter 4

What does the Word beseech us to walk worthy of? vs. 1

How do we walk this way? vs. 2-3

What was given to us according to the measure of Christ’s gift? vs. 7

Who fills all things? vs. 10

What is the purpose of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers? vs. 12

What should we all come to the unity of? vs. 13

What are children in the faith tossed to and fro with? vs. 14

What causes growth of the body? vs. 15-16

How do unbelievers walk? vs. 17-18

Why are unbelievers alienated from the life of God? vs. 18

What happens when a person gives them self over to lewdness? vs. 19

Where is truth found? vs. 21

Who have you heard and been taught by? vs. 21

Who grows corrupt? vs. 22

Where do you need to be renewed? vs. 23

What are characteristics of the new man? vs. 24

Why should you speak truth to another? vs. 25

Who should you be angry and have wrath toward? vs. 27

Why should a person labor? vs. 28

What should your words impart to hearers? vs. 29

How were you sealed for the day of redemption? vs. 30

Ephesians Chapter 5

Who should we imitate? vs. 1

How should we walk? vs. 2

What should not be named among saints? vs. 3-4

What is one way people can deceive you? vs. 6

What have you become in the Lord? vs. 8

What are you to not have fellowship with? vs. 11

What makes things manifest? vs. 13

Is it wise or unwise to understand what the will of the Lord is?  vs. 17

What should you do instead of being drunk with wine? vs. 18

How are we to be filled with the Spirit? vs. 19

Who is the Church subject to? vs. 24

Why did Christ give Himself for the Church? vs. 26

How does the Lord treat the Church? vs. 29

Whose body are we members of? vs. 30

Ephesians Chapter 6


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